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Link the SavR App to your everyday bank account using world leaders in Payment Processing, Banking Technology and Security Encryption.


SavR will track your spending, and round each transaction up to the nearest dollar - Your rounded amounts, your spare change, will quickly start to accumulate.


SavR will send your digital loose change and any additional amount to your dedicated vacation savings account.

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About SavR

SavR makes it easier than ever before to start saving for your next Vacation. Download the SavR App, link it to your bank account and start saving while you spend. SavR will round up each transaction made to the next whole dollar, and direct the round up amount to your dedicated Vacation savings account. Your loose change can add up pretty fast, and You can even add an additional amount to your automated roundups to speed up your progress. You will also find lots of helpful features in the App to help you research destinations, plan your trip and get some fantastic discounts on flights, accomodation and experiences.

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We don't just help you save

Research a destination

Brush up on some helpful local knowledge before you travel.

Safe travel tips

Helpful tips on staying safe while you are away.

Destination reviews

Find out what others have to say before taking your trip.

Find deals - Flights

Find fantastic deals on your domestic or international flight.

Find deals - Hotels

Check and compare prices - Find a great deal and book it in.

Find deals - Activities

Don't forget to check for deals on tours and fun activities.

How it Works?

  • Save for your next vacation the easy way

    Link your bank account

    Link the SavR App to your everyday bank account or card. We support 95% of USA and AUS Banks.

    Process Round-Ups

    Your roundups, plus any additional amount you have selected, will be calculated daily. Your saved amount will be transferred to your dedicated vacation account automatically!

    Watch your money grow.

    Set and Forget - Your automated savings will start to grow, and you will barely even notice the money has gone. There has never been an easier way to save.


Download SavR

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Download SavR


The SavR Mobile Application and Webservices have a certified 'A' Rating for security. Your information is stored in secured, remotely accessed servers and transmitted using end to end Encryption and SSL.
SavR will only require you to input your bank credentials to verify you are the owner of the nominated account. The information is sent via end-to-end encryption, and it is immediately deleted. SavR DOES NOT store your bank logins or passwords.
SavR works with all the most popular Banks in the US, and are working towards adding more institutions all the time. Unfortunately, if your day to day bank account is not with one of our supported banks, SavR will not work for you just yet.
Not just yet. We do, however, have some exciting new features for multiple accounts under development.
Three failed attempts to log in to SavR will disable your account. Your will recieve an email with instructions on how to unlock your account. SavR will continue rounding up your transactions and saving your money, even if your account is locked.
For security reasons, SavR is configured to one device. If you get a new device, you will need to sign in from the new device so you can view your savings progress and balance details.
Should you have any problems entering your information into the SavR App, or you get any unusual errors, please contact us right away at and we will be happy to assist. We would like your SavR experience to be as smooth and trouble free as possible.
If your question has not been resolved above, or you would like to get more detail about any of these questions, please contact us at and we will be happy to help.

Innovative Team

The SavR team is passionate about delivering an innovative technology solution to users who want an easy way to plan, save for and save on their next Vacation. Combining strong IT knowledge with over 15 years of personal banking and finance experience, we provide a deep link between the large scale corporate finance environment and a ground level understanding of personal finance management. Our founding team hopes to continuously develop and improve SavR to enable everyone an opportunity to fulfill their desire to travel and explore the world. Use the contact form below to reach out to any of our team with questions, feedback or suggestions.

Tim O'shea
Tim O'shea

CEO & Founder

CEO, Specialist in personal finance, Investment advisor, Entrepreneur, Crypto Currency enthusiast.

Kevin Lacey
Kevin Lacey

Kevin Lacey (Ph.D.)

Co-Founder/C.O.O - Senior Project Management, Operations Management, IT Systems Specialist.

Costas Aletrari
Costas Aletrari

Chief Developer

Co-Founder, Full Stack Web/App Developer, Software Systems Engineer, Entrepreneur, app prototyper.

Sherona Fisher
Sherona Fisher

Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager, Client Engagement Specialist.

Stacy Bai
Stacy Bai

Fullstack Developer

A highly motivated, adaptable and responsible software engineer.

Dean Wilson
Dean Wilson

Mobile App Developer

A highly skilled mobile developer for both Android and iOS.

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If you have any questions regarding SavR please send us a message and we will be happy to help.

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